Wednesday, 14 July 2010

...aaaaand we're back!

ED- Nancy, yep, Joyce is right, it's a version of Rory, but it comes from the Irish/Celtic meaning red (Ruadh ) and King (Ri) which is handy because he does indeed have red hair and he's a tad bossy...LOL

Phew, everything is now gone, shipped, done! All notices sent and everything that anyone ordered up until 10am this morning is on it's merry way!

At last I have stock of all the stamp sets back in the store, I am knee deep in counting stock, so I just couldn't tell you off the top of my head exactly how much of everything...but it's all there! By the end of tonight I will have my inventory complete and I will pop off for some much needed blog surfing! I am itching to go through the entries for the WMS sketch challenge!!! AND I need to make a card...apparently there's a blog waltz this weekend!! (wink)

Thank you all once again for the huge amount of support we had during the release! It was huge! I really thought that May would have been our busiest release for quite some time but this July release topped even that! As a direct result I have taken steps down an exciting road that will be of direct interest to...oh I'd say about 70% of you all...

As usual I can't spill just yet! LOL! but I do hope to be 'up and running' in the next few months...

Also behind the scenes we are working on our Gallery, this is a much needed addition to our little company and hopefully it won't be very long before we're urging you all to upload your creations! The gallery will probably open as a 'work in progress' and then a month or two after that, when we have a few albums full of our creations and yours, we'll have an official opening with prizes and fun! Sound ok?

Tonight I have a fun little place name card that I'm trialling for this years Halloween feast! I used a frame from the newly released Vintage labels 2, cut out with the co-ordinating Spellbinders die. What I particularly like about this frame is that I can colour it in! I used 3 shades of purple copic marker here. I coloured around the exterior with a green copic. Ink was memento tuxedo.

I popped a cauldron inside (Halloween Party), all glossied up with 'glossy accents, Ranger I believe, and added the name with the new Victorian Alphabet...I have no idea why I waited so long to do an alphabet, LOL, now I am addicted to adding lettering to everything! lol!

Right...gotta run count some more...LOL


  1. Wow...who would have that your lil' stamp company would have grown so much in just over a year...yeah for us!
    Can't wait for the launch of the gallery.
    This has to be the fanciest Halloween card I have ever seen...gorgeous!
    Now I have to ask...what does Ruari mean?

  2. Oh my gosh, are you opening up a distribution center in the US? Did I read that right? That would be so amazing to get our stamps faster and maybe save on shipping too. Love the idea of a gallery too. :)

    Congrats, Claire on a huge release!! That is so awesome to see WMS growing so much! So happy for you!

  3. Stunning place card! Can't wait for a gallery to see all the creations together, it's a fab idea! xxx

  4. Love the place card Claire! the frame looks great colored in - the bubbling cauldron is super! how festive your table will look!

  5. wowser. LOVE this. quit sharing your fabulous images- I am going to have to order soon now!!! :)

  6. Love the Victorian Alphabet...stunning, received mine glad I bought a gridded acrylic block too a while ago....the colours on this card are so good...I'm not a Halloween person but like this colouring and those wee curly stamps do the business...and Nancy....Ruari is the Celtic (Irish or Scottish) form of the boys name Rory...correct me someone if I'm wrong! Well done Claire....I did tell you so!!!!

  7. I'm OH so happy I got my hot little hands on this baby during the last release. What a wonderful idea to use your Vintage Labels for nameplates. Love it!
    And I can't wait to see how you can possibly grow your little company more. Man, I need to get another job just so I can continue to purchase all of your wonderful creations!

  8. And does that 70% live in the US?

  9. Sandy in Epping16 July 2010 at 23:02

    Ooooh,Claire! I love this spelling of the name that we gave our daughter. Hers is spelled "Rori". Now I simply must add this set to my list of needs so I can make up a b'day card and other personalized goodies in time for her birthday ;-D

    You are certainly growing and continuing to surprise us at every turn; I am eager to learn more, stop holding us in suspense and spill the beans girl!

  10. Hmmm... so now I have to dream up a reason to have a table setting for halloween so I can copy you!

    I have all sorts of other plans for Halloween, and am anxious to see what you might create this year before I commit........ ;)

    PS - I assume Ruari is your son, and I love his name. With my first, I so badly wanted to call her Eilidh, but in Canada, she'd be sure to be called Eyelid. DH said NO way!


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