Tuesday 16 March 2010

... WMS St Partrick's Day blog hop

ED - Carole, many thanks for your comment, I am very interested to hear what folks think about suitable times for bloghops etc. I picked this particular time because I am trying to suit both myself - I have more 'free' (lol!) time in the evening, and the folks who visit my blog.

Since the huge majority of folks who visit my blog are in the US I thought this was a decent compromise. I do realise that not all European folk are night owls like myself! tho, so I would really love to hear what folks would pick as their ideal time for blog hops etc.

I may open the threads for the hop early today tho' as I have already spotted a few WMS blog hop cards already!! lol!!! I'll check back here later to see if anyone else would like it open earlier! Since I am still 'feeling my way' at hosting blog hops, nothing is set in stone, and i am very eager to make sure that I hear opinions on this before scheduling next months hop!! So, do leave a comment if you'd like it open earlier!!!

A few wee edits in green.

and free digi stamps reminder

We're hosting a blog hop on our new Forum tomorrow!!!

Since it's St Patrick's Day, and since at least one of us is in Ireland, we would like to see your WMS green!!! (scroll to end of post to see what to do if you have no WMS, lol)

Tomorrow I will put up two new threads in the forum. The threads will be in the 'Play Room' lol. You will need to register at the forum to play, but it only takes a sec and then you'll be able to visit the forum whenever you like!

The threads will open at 10 pm my time, (Here's there time where you live!) or maybe 20 mins earlier if I'm feeling impatient... that's around 3pm-6pm for most of America. I think that's around 10am in Australia.

One thread will be called March Blog Hop links and this is where you make your post containing your link to your Blog hop card/project. Blog hop item may be on your blog, your Flikr page, your SCS gallery etc, we don't mind where you are, so long as we can find you!!! Just be sure to link to the actual blog post containing your item, and not just your blog in general.

Also, if you have a blog, please post the Blog Hop Graphic at the top of your post so we can easily find you. You can right click and save it from here:

The other thread will be called March Blog Hop chat and is for general chat regarding the blog hop - questions etc, and also where you can post your Leprechaun sightings!!! lol

We're having a Leprechaun hunt!!! lol

The DT will be playing along with the blog hop and some of the ladies may or may not have hidden a leprechaun, or two, or more, in their blog hop photos!! You'll have to be on your toes; he might be big, he might be small, he will be in several places all at once!

As you go through the hop, be sure to take note of where you see the leprechauns!!! then when you have finished hopping you can post the number of Leprechauns you have spotted in the general blog hop chat thread!

A random winner will be picked from the folks who get the number correct!! lol, The winner will be chosen on Saturday night, my time, to allow folks to have time to take part. The winner will receive a free stamp set of their choice!!
Don't worry if you are a little under-represented in the WMS stamp department! I have created this digital stamp pack so that you can take part.

The stamps may be downloaded by clicking here. You'll be taken to a Google docs page where you can download the digi pack, it's called WMS St Pat's

The stamp pack contains THREE different digital stamps, have fun!!


  1. Can't wait Claire! I'll be one of the ones that's 'wearin of the green!"

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun Claire - can't wait to play - I will be keeping my eyes open for all those lucky little Leprechaun's :) LOL

  3. Ooooo... green men hunting!!! Sounds like much fun!
    Angela xx.

  4. Hello,

    I think the time is too late. I'd prefer beginning the morning, at 10 am for example. Why did you choose this hour ?

  5. Thank Claire for your reply.

    I always miss all blog hope at PTI because they open during the night in France, and when I am aware, the blog hope is closed.
    So I can't participate, and it a big sadmess for me as I love the game !!!!!

    So can you precise how much time the blog hope takes place? If you close it less than 24 hours, I won't play with you as it will be impossible for me, I have children and a full time job (I post from the office!), I need to sleep (sometimes!).
    I don't want to post my link and go to bed after, I want to surf and visit others.
    I think you deserve to be known in France and other countries in Europe because your products are really amazing, so you need to take into acccount people from this part of the world!
    Each hour I go into the forum and the post is here (yeah) but it is locked.. you are going to make me crazy Claire!!!! LOL

  6. It can't be easy trying to please everyone, Claire! Taking in consideration that you live in Ireland and many of your customers live abroad, I think you've chosen the best time you can for a busy mom (you!). I couldn't imagine you trying to do this any earlier with hungry kidlets!
    I love that time thingy BTW. It really makes checking up easy and the 6pm (EST) suits me perfectly. I'll be there in green :)


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