Tuesday, 3 November 2009

...Secret Set

ED - please contact me if you can't get in!!!! it's up till Christmas at least!!!

Good Morning!!!

Did you manage to get the key words from yesterdays post? good!

add them to the end of the phrase:


(remember leave no spaces and use no capitals)

to get the password.

it will be exactly 20 characters long.

then...maybe if you're, perhaps, might pop over to here:

for a little nosey!

To celebrate the opening of the secret blog I'm having a little giveaway. Simply leave a comment on that blog page, letting me know what you think of the set and you'll be in with a chance of winning a set!! I will close the competition tonight midnight, my time.

The actual release is due to open earlier this evening (just waiting for one leetle box)! At that point you will be able to purchase the set. If you do go ahead to purchase the set and you happen to win, I will refund your cost for this set!!!

It's maybe best NOT to hang around waiting once the release opens!! I'd be gutted for you if the set sold out and you didn't win it!!!!


  1. Perfect. As a long-standing Santa's helper myself, I look forward to using some of his hand-selected items as we prepare for Christmas :). I already have a very special spot picked out to keep this set away from inquiring eyes ;) . Thanks so much!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Claire,
    I love the secret set!!! omg it is perfect!!!. Have to have it!!!

    Bonnie H.

  3. I will be out for a few hours this evening so really hope I'm back in time so I don't miss out on this fabby set.


  4. Claire, you are BRILLIANT !!! It brought tears to my eyes your idea is so sweet!!! I am sure you will have a ton of orders for your secret set!!!

  5. The new set is fabulous! I can't wait until later to see the rest of them and place an order!!

  6. What a cool secret set ... I'm sure it'll be a big hit!

  7. This set is just perfect as usual, Santa sure puta lot of thought into this set. This is a must have set for all the Santa Helpers
    Love it

  8. WOW!~!! Stunning and such a neat, super, cool, fabulous, unbelievably fun set!!!!

  9. bummer! I can't see it. was the password only good for one day?

  10. Yes, did I miss out on seeing the secret set? I'm pretty sure I have the password correct.

  11. I just discovered the blog and am trying to view the secret set. I cannot get in using the password (and I'm pretty sure I have the correct one). At least I see others are having the same problem. Is it truly only good for one day?

  12. Bit of a pout going on here, too.
    And I was so sure I'd got it right on, too :-(
    It doesn't matter, 'cause i'm planning to order it sight unseen! Because I just KNOW that if it comes from Claire's own creativity--what's NOT to love, right?


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