Monday, 28 September 2009

...We have a winner!!!!!

I just chose the winner was chosen by random number generator (thank goodness for the random generator - there were loads of fabulous cards!!) and HUGE Congratulations go to Antje who said:
"okay Claire, it took me some days, but I hope I am not late!! ... My favourite company in the moment is PTI, actually it was you, who introduced them to me.... and I can see by now, it was more your style and I feel, it might be soon replaced by your first one is soon on the way too me!

Hope you like my green agenda... with some green pages, wish me luck, I would love to get one of your sets in my hands!"
Antje - you win one each of the SIX new sets releasing on Tuesday!!!!! - pop me an email with your deets - so's I can get your envelopes ready!!!!!

Thank you all so much for entering!! I loved doing a little 'hop' through all the galleries/blogs and seeing your green!!

The were two ladies on whose cards i couldn't figure out how to leave comments - I do apologise!


  1. WOW, a HUGE C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S to Antje on a HUGE win!!! Lucky you, Antje -- I KNOW you're gonna really, really ENJOY these new stamps!!! Woo-Hoo for you!!!

  2. Congratulations Antje!!! You're going to love Claire's stamps!!

  3. Congrats Antje....Enjoy the new stamps!!!! Yippie and a Happy Dance just for you...=)

  4. Congratulations, Antje!! Your Agenda was fabulous and well-deserving of the grand prize!!

    Claire, thanks so much for your kind words on my card. I so appreciated you taking the time to do so, especially knowing how busy you are!

  5. Wow. Where have I been! I missed a competition for these awesome stamps! Congratulations to Antje!

    I am on the edge of my seat to see the whole of each set. I hope my Monday goes fast so Tuesday will be here.

    (Apologies for a comment I made early last week about you needing a design team so you don't have to work so hard on your releases. I hadn't caught up on all the posts in my feed of your blog. SO congratulations to you on your design team!)

  6. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
    I can't believe it's me..... I am sitting here pinching myself, hope it is not a dream... Thanks Claire, thanks so much....I had days and days of bad new - you don't know how much this warm shower was needed and appreceated.

  7. Congrats Antje! Have a great time using your special set. They're fabulous.

  8. Congratulations Antje, you are going to have so much fun with Claires new stamps. Enjoy your fabulous win. Donna x

  9. Margaret Anne Clark28 September 2009 at 18:15

    Well done Antje - so envious !!! To make up for it, i'm so going to nick your wondeful card journal idea !!!
    Thanks, Claire, for a great comp - I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's work !


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