Thursday, 18 June 2009

Celtic Heritage Day 1

Lets start with a couple of samples made with images from one of my new sets

Celtic Heritage

I will be releasing two NEW clear photopolymer stamp sets for sale early next week!!! Join me between now and then for loads of samples here on the blog. I will be posting daily - sometimes twice a day and there might even be a competition!!!

I have noticed that I feel more 'Irish' around milestone events - do you know what I mean? - we are each of us somehow more conscious of our roots and heritage when we are experiencing all the feelings and emotions that go with weddings, births, christenings, birthdays and even during times of loss and sadness. These things cause me to reflect on my past and my connections. I think there must be many people who experience this.

With this in mind I have designed a set of stamps that will be my go-to set for major events, and which is also suitable for a huge amount of everyday occasions. Being from the Emerald Isle, the theme is of course Celtic.

This set is designed for folks who relate to any of the following:
  • You may have Celtic (Irish, Scots (wink!), Welsh, Central European) ancestry.
  • You may have Celtic partners, friends, inlaws, aquaintances
  • You celebrate Celtic events such as St Patrick's Day and appreciate the luck of the Irish!
  • You like Celtic imagery such as knotwork
  • You like Ireland
I have tried to make the images in this set as versatile as possible so that you can use each of them for many different occasions. I have crammed as many sentiments as I could into the set also Lol. I love it when I get a stamp set that has loads of potential, as I believe Celtic Heritage does!!

I am staggered by the possibilities in this set that I didn't even see when I was drawing it up and I hope to share as many ideas as I can with you over the next week.

Card deets:

The first card is a fairly formal Wedding card - I used 3 image stamps here. A Celtic knotwork lunette. A Celtic knotwork heart and a cable border. Plus sentiment.

The heart was embossed with gold filigree detail embossing powder and then cut out rather handily with the EK success Whale of a punch that I mentioned in yesterday's post. As well as being a timesaver, this gives such a neat finish. I dipped the edge of the punched out heart into versamark and then dipped it lightly into some more gold embossing powder - once it was heat set it gave a lovely gilded egde to the heart.

I used nestabilities label die to get the nicely shaped panel which was also gilded around the edge. I used the knotwork lunette to stamp some Celtic detail at the top and bottom of the panel. I used Distress ink Antique linen which co-ordinates beautifully with the gold. Added a touch of ribbon and stamped and gold embossed the sentiment. - Did you notice the little Celtic font?? It is such a clean cut font, I love it.

I used the cable border stamp repeatedly to make a subtle background pattern for the gilded panel. The ink is Distress ink Antique linen. Couldn't resist gilding this as well - it is a wedding card!

The second card used the same heart and lunette shapes as the first but is a more casual interpretation of a wedding card. The heart is clear embossed and the sentiment is white embossed. I cut a semicircle out of the piece of Ocean tides cardstock and used the space to highlight the knotwork lunette, also stamped in Ocean tides ink. Guess what!! the lunette was also designed to co-ordintae with a circle punch - also a Whale of a punch from EH success, it punches circles approx 1 and 3/4 inches diameter. Look out for more on this.

The heart shape used here on wedding cards would so obviously be suitable for many other occasions, most obviously Valentines day as well as anniversaries, engagements, any card with a love theme.

The Celtic Heritage set also contains at least two other images that would also be suitable for weddings, among other things! You might see these tomorrow - so call back and bring friends!! Lol.


  1. Claire, These stamps look lovely I am always looking for wedding stamps I have quite a few Rennie Macintoch ones Being Scottish I hope you are doing some words. Sandra Candlish

  2. Beautiful wedding cards Claire! Both the gold and clear embossing are just wonderful - each giving their own special look to the card! can't wait to see this complete set!

  3. Beautiful cards Claire! I love love love this set already!

  4. *swoon* Absolutely gorgeous! This set is so elegant and you picked the perfect font (of course we noticed it!). I'm salivating in anticipation of more.
    (LOL at the word verification "aweisti" like Most Awesome!) Right on!!

  5. Wonderful cards, I love the stamps and I love Ireland :)))

  6. Gorgeous Claire...I can't wait to see more!! (I'm greedy like that ;) ) Have a super day!

  7. It looks as though you've designed another winner! I'm looking forward to more details as they unfold.

  8. These look gorgeous, really stunning & so different from anything else I've seen - I'm a Welsh girl, so love anything Celtic anyway. Can't wait to see the rest.


  9. I love the knots! So pretty! And your cards are beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest of the set!!

  10. Fabulous, just as I expected. As a former highland dancer I have lots of friends that would love cards made with these stamps.

  11. I am anxious to see the whole set. My son plays with a bagpipe band (drums) so these would be neat to use I bet for their band pictures.

    Very nice cards :-)

  12. These cards are stunningly gorgeous, Claire! I'm anxious to see the rest too! I always love the elegant style in cards best, but I can see these images will be very versatile!

  13. WOW, Claire, this is BEAUTIFUL! If you ever have your own design team, can I apply!? Lovely, crisp artwork!

  14. this just looks GREAT, can't wait to see the rest of it.

    Hugs Yvon.

  15. Gorgeous cards as usual Claire. I can't wait to see the rest of the collections. Alice R.

  16. So beautiful Clare, I love the heart and can't wait for a glimpse of your new stamps - so exciting.

    What a wonderful journey we have all begun with you - thank you x

  17. This will be a lovely set. The cut out heart is beautiful. Just right for my Welsh cards.

  18. Oh my goodness, I am about to die with excitement! I wrote to PTI about designing a set just like this, but you beat them to it and I can't wait to own this!! Just beautiful!!

  19. Looking good, Claire! Keep them coming!! The DH is Irish!! Fom Dublin, lol, is that considered Irish, lol lol lol??

  20. These wedding cards are so beautiful!

  21. Claire, simply stunning! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful designs. Heather J.

  22. Claire, these are just so lovely! It seems that you really have found your true calling...

    I'm so pleased that this is working out for you and wish that my wedding cards were even half as nice as these two! Can't wait to see the rest of the set...

  23. You may have Celtic (Irish, Scots (wink!), Welsh, Central European) ancestry--check.

    You may have Celtic partners, friends, inlaws, aquaintances--check.

    You celebrate Celtic events such as St Patrick's Day and appreciate the luck of the Irish--check and check.

    You like Celtic imagery such as knotwork--check.

    You like Ireland--check.

    Yep, I guess this set is PERFECT for me! ;)

  24. These are gorgeous, stamps are fab!

  25. Absolutely fabulous! Love all the cards you have created so far. Since I qualify, I naturally am looking forward to these releases.


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