Friday, 10 April 2009

...Thank you

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers, I'll carry them all with me as we head towards the scans/tests etc. I have been reassured that the suspected condition is treatable and not a major issue - I'm sorry for being vague but my other little chicks like to look at mummy's blog sometimes and they have no idea.

Anyhow - couple more pics for you - back in a few days with cards etc!!

Top is Carna Beach, Connemara and below that is Ballintoy Harbour, Antrim - both taken last June/July.


  1. beautiful pictures,
    and my prayers are with you,

  2. Glad to hear your little one is going to be all right. My prayers are still with you.
    Lovely summer pictures, makes me want the warmer weather to get here quick.

  3. SO Gorgeous..thanks for sharing them. I miss the beach!
    Good luck with all the tests and scans and I pray for good news for you!

  4. Photo's are really beautiful - thank you. The second one looks layered even.
    Children... there is always something to pray for... but they bring such joy don't they and fortunately being young they are so resilient. Keep strong and soon this will all be way behind you god willing).
    Angela. xxx

  5. I truly do love your photos, they let me escape, if only in my mind :) Continued prayers Claire...

  6. Thinking of you and sending positive wishes your way. Much love Lee.

  7. Jill, N Ireland11 April 2009 at 19:33

    Hope things work out for your little one. How lovely to see Ballintoy Harbour on your blog - it is where my husband came from and not far from where we live in Northern Ireland!


  8. Saying a prayer for your little one and your family....hugs Michelle

  9. The lower photo is breathtaking. Wonder if I can go here on uni exchange....

  10. As a parent of a child with a kidney condition that is serious but yet still easily treated I can totally relate to what you are going through. Don't be afraid to ask questions of his doctors. You'll be amazed at how resilient children are - stay strong - you will get through this.


  11. Wonderful pictures! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. I like those pics.. Miss your pretty card..Your card is so great!!!so so so nice!! I like your style! Greetings from China.

  13. Beautiful pics! I came to your blog often but never leave a message. hehee. I like your card so much!! Your style is so especial!! Greetings from China--- vivienne

  14. Do you know hun, you never fail to lift my spirits, I love a long browse on your blog, wether it be at the beautiful cards or the serene scenery photography.
    Keep it up girl.

  15. I am sorry I didn't know. My hopes & prayers are with you as you take this medical journey.


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