Sunday, 8 March 2009

...tower box tutorial

I've been bold. It seems I promised a tutorial for these tower boxes and then promptly forgot to do it - Apologies. It also seems there were actually people who were waiting... I'm sorry. I'm always so surprised when anyone actually wants to make any of my projects. Apologies to anyone who was needing this for any reason!! BTW I'd love to see what yours turn out like!!

Here are a few notes to help you if you fancy having a go at a tower box like this one.

1 I made a bottom for my tower out of a piece of card 3.5 inches square - I scored a half inch in all the way round and cut off the corners to allow it to fold nicely.

2 I scored a piece of PTI chocolate card at 2.5 inch intervals - I scored down the length of the card because I wanted a tall tower. This left me with 4 tower sides and a handy half inch gluing flap up one side.

3 I cut four pieces of patterned paper a quarter inch shorter and a quarter inch narrower than a tower side, these are the patterned papers that you're going to use to decorate the outside of the tower with.

4 In one of the pieces of patterned paper I cut an opening for the window. I did NOT cut the window shape out - instead I made a paper template of the window shape I wanted and used this to mark the position of the window on the reverse of my patterned paper. I cut a slit from top to bottom through the centre of my window and cut across the top and bottom, but NOT down the sides. This leave two flaps, or shutters. I folded the 'shutters' back - with a bit of careful lining up I was able to use the scorpal to make the folds crisp.

5 I adhered the patterned paper to one of the tower sides and used the window opening as a guide to cut the window in the tower. I cut the window in the tower slightly smaller than the window in the patterned paper so that it would give the impression of a window frame.

6 I adhered the remaining 3 pieces of patterned paper to the outside of my tower.

7 I adhered a piece of clear acetate to the 'inside' of the window and then the base was attached to the tower on one side only - see the pic below.

I finished the tower by adhering the sides of the tower together and then folded the base flaps up and added a little adhesive before pushing them up inside the tower.

Then it was time to make the roof.

1 I took a piece of card 11 inches by 4.5 inches and scored a line just under 1 inch in parallel to the longest side. Then I scored a line parallel to this 1 inch away closer to the centre of the card.

2 I turned the card so that the short edges of the card were at either side with a long edge facing me and the scored lines nearest me. I scored a line 2 and 5/8 inches from the left hand edge - I scored a further 3 lines at 2 and 5/8 inches intervals. This leaves a small flap just under a half inch wide at one side. I cut away the top and bottom rectangles as you can see in the pic above.

3 I went back to the 2 and 5/8 inch segments and located the mid point of these on the long side away from the previously scored lines.

4 I scored from the mid points towards the places where the previous horizontal and vertical scores crossed each other - have a look at the pic to see what I mean. It makes triangular shapes.

5 I folded along the score lines - have a peep at the pic below of a brown roof I made for help with how to fold. You are looking at the inside of the roof.

6 Can you see where I have cut slits up as far as the first score along the bottom of the card? - These wee flaps will get tucked up inside the roof and cutting slits here makes the roof easier to fold as these become corners. If you want to run the roof through a cuttle bug embossing folder for texture, now's the time.

7 Fold the roof together tucking the bottom flaps up inside as you go - it makes a nice tidy pocket for the glue flap to get tucked into. You will also need to put some adhesive in the actual roof to stop the top from opening out. Slip it into the folds so it's not visible.

Check the pic below to see how to arrange the folds on the inside of the roof - they should form a neat square shape in the centre.

Hope this helps.


  1. Look at you go girl! This is awesome. Great tutorial too.

  2. Girl, you are a box making genius...quickly rivaling Lauren! :)

    This is a towering amazement! Awesome job.

  3. Hello,
    WOW, thanks so much for this!!! Love the instructions. Makes a change for me not to have to grapple with my cricut!!
    Many many thanks.
    Angela. xxx

  4. thanks for sharing Claire :) your work is beautiful :)

  5. Okay, I'm totally blown away! And that last photo ... wowie zowie. Now, if I only had a reason to make this box. *sigh*

  6. Thanks so much Claire! I was one of those waiting patiently for this!!! what instructions are just super - how ever did you figure out that roof!! Can't wait to get a chance to try this out!!

  7. Thank you so much! This was so much fun to make... here is the link to my blog.

    Thanks again!


  8. Wow, this is amazing! I was directed to your tutorial by Julia/Create with Me...and I can't believe I have never been here before! Your work is stunning! I do have a couple of questions...

    On your wee tower-what are your dimensions? It looks shorter and wider than this one. And...did you mark/score your folds then stamp and cut out your windows? That seems obvious...but I'd love some details on this one! I can't wait to make this!

  9. Oh my gosh! I have just been browsing your blog. (I was directed here from Curt's blog.) You are so talented!! I love this wonderful tower box. Thank you for the tutorial. Someday I may get brave and give it a try. I LOVE it!!
    Now... to go check out your stamps!!


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