Monday 1 September 2008

...a tutorial for my CD Receipt Organiser

Many thanks to loads of people who asked for a bit of info on how to make my CD receipt organiser that I made for the Blog Hop!! - Here are the instructions. If you click on the pic it should get bigger.

These are loads easier than they look.

Please note I made this sample with scraps of paper and card in response to the comments on my Blog hop post - it looks a lot simpler than the original because it is not decorated.

Personalize yours by stamping and adding decorations and embellishments but remember to keep them as thin as possible or it won't all fit in the CD case.

These directions work for a CD case only, they will not work for the Calendar CD cases.

Step 1
Cut two pieces of paper each measuring 12 inches by 4 and 1/8th inches.

Step 2
Score folds across the short width of the paper at the 2", 4", 6", 8", and 10" intervals - this is really easy if you have a scorepal.

Step 3
Turn the page over and score on the 1", 3", 5", 7", 9" and 11" intervals.

Step 4
Fold the paper concertina style noting the direction of the folds in my photo.

Step 5
Squash the folds together making sure your paper stack is nicely aligned on top of itself and doesn't veer off to the side.

Step 6
Repeat steps 2-5 for the other piece of patterned paper. It is real important that when you squash the 'concertina' together that you see the white side of the patterned paper.

Step 7
Cut 6 pieces of thin card each to measure 4 and 1/2 inches by 4 and 1/8 inches. Set one aside, it will become the front of your organiser file.

Step 8
Stand the concertina papers (white sides facing each other) up on the surface in front of you. Drop 5 of the thin cards in between the folds. You will notice that the cards should be oriented so's they match the height of the concertina paper. Spend a while looking at the step 8 photo so that you get the placement right.

Step 9
Squash it all down flat and punch 4 holes along the bottom all the way through. Do not go too close to the edge of the stack.

Step 10
Cut a 20" strand of thin ribbon in a co-ordinating colour and thread it through the holes. Tie a sturdy knot.

Step 11
Retrieve the piece of thin card left over from step 7. Stamp it or decorate it now.

Step 12
Adhere it to the front of the file section. I used extra strong double sided tape.

Step 13
Cut a piece of matching card 6 and 1/8" wide by 5 and 3/8" tall. Score and fold 3/4 inches in from each side - be very accurate here. Check it fits in your CD case, re-fold if necesssary. Trim the top 1 and 1/4" off the top of each flap.

Steps 14 to 17
Fold both flaps in and add extra strong double sided tape to each flap - now adhere the front section to the flaps to complete the file. The completed concertina file may be stck into the CD case now - I used extra strong double sided tape in discrete areas and attached some decorated paper to the exterior to mask the adhesive.

Step 18
Cut a front panel from the paper or card of your choice - I cut mine 4 and 7/8" by 4 and 3/4" and added stamping and decorations. I used extra strong double sided tape in discrete areas over patterned paper and rubbed it well down - it was nearly invisible over the patterned paper so didn't have to camoflage the front.

Stand back and admire your work - wasn't that easy peasy?

Well I'm off to bed now - I hope this works well for you - I'd love to see any that you might make!!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Claire,
    I'm so glad you did a tutorial for this. I was making a recipe box and when I seen this I thought this would make a good coupon holder also. TFS!!

  2. Brilliant Tut Claire, no doubt we'll be seeing a good few of these made.

  3. Thanks so much for posting the tutorial!

  4. Hi Claire, can I say your blog is amazing?! The pieces you have created are beautiful & I love your photos. A friend in the USA told me about your blog & if it's ok with you I've added the link to my blog? Happy crafting !

  5. Thank you so much Claire for the detailed instructions. I will attempt to make one for my mom's Xmas present.

  6. Hi Claire!
    Thank you so much for showing off your beautiful work. You are certainly both inspired and inspirational.

    Also I have tagged you on my blog! Hope you don't mind, but it's just a little bit of fun...

  7. No way!!! this is too fabulous - you are a genius!

    I'm sure mine will never turn out as terrific as yours has, but I'm definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing a tutorial!

  8. Just been pointed in the direction of your CD Organiser. It is fabulous and I have just the use for it! I am a brownie and rainbow leader and am forever losing receipts in my bag. This is sturdy and light enough to stay in my bag and I can put the receipts in straight away!

    Thank you! You will save me £££ as I will be able to claim everything back!!

  9. You are so crafty! What a neat idea. I'm going to have to get with it for Christmas projects.


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