Thursday, 11 December 2014

...Be seein' ya!

It's looking like a Pink Christmas at our  house - and folks that's probably not very PC of me but I ask you to bear with me - I'm old and decrepit and to me it's still ok to celebrate the birth of a little girl with all things pink! I'm quite happy to throw in a bit of blue also, whatever else you fancy, but there is something beautiful about shades of baby pinks and indeed baby blues and at the moment I'm in pink mode because we have a new little baby girl in the clan - I'm an auntie!

Now before I stir up a hornets nest, I am already an auntie, I have nieces and nephews on my husband's side and I love them all very much, but I was never in at the very beginning of any of them, and this one is on my side of the family - and so it's exciting to have a new branch on the tree that I was there for from the very beginning!

I am feeling seriously under-pinked though because I can't get near her - my smallest one has some sort of seasonal lurgy, indeed you may as well chalk off the month of December at ours every year as somebody is sure to be sick, if not all of us eventually.... I don't want to carry any of that down to the new poppet tho' so we are all under voluntary quarantine in that direction at present - However it's still left to me to plot for pretty frilly gifty things, and plot I will!

I've just this wee tag today, not had a chance to make much this week, with little dude off ill, but I am loving the Elf Made set, especially the cheeky sentiments.

If you are still searching for Christmas Inspiration - you could Check out this link - it will take you to all of our Christmas set and is ordered by most recent first! Have fun!


  1. That stamp set is on my wish list : ). Fabulous tag! Congratulations on being an auntie again!

  2. So cute! And congrats on the new baby in the family. Always a reason to celebrate.

  3. Congratulations Auntie Claire! I love the cute tag too !

  4. congratulations auntie! adorable tag

  5. Love how you put the text sideways along one edge Claire and hey I have everything I need to skank this idea - thanks LOL! Congrats on the wee pink bundle, hope it's not too long before you get yourself some baby cuddles. Nothin quite like it.

  6. I have always loved your site. I would not change a thing to your site. Enjoy your stamps and, and enjoy your beautiful stamped cards.


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