Monday 28 January 2013

...Monday morning Make...DIY Washi Tape Challenge?

Good Morning! I have another Monday Morning make for you! As I settle back into some sort of routine after the Christmas blur I am finding that Monday morning is a good time to post something to the old blog. LOL, let's see how long that lasts...

I thoroughly enjoyed the entries from folks who played along with our Chalkboard challenge last week and I will be announcing a random player tomorrow who will win a wee gift code for the store!

Trying to kick start mojo has never been easy for me - I am one of those twits who needs to have acres of time in front of me before I can tune into my muse and truly 'create' - this is pretty much never the situation in a house with 3 children and a full-time business, and so I often struggle. I waste a lot too...but sometimes, just sometimes, I make something neat. The added bonus with home made washi tape is that I also recycle!

I have yardage of tissue paper - I keep it when it comes my way wrapped around gifts or in packaging. I always KNEW it would come in handy for something and Washi Tape is that something.

I love washi tape, I have been making up little rolls of the stuff and it looks pretty all piled together on a shelf - must get around to actually using it. There are many tutorials on the web about how to do this, I use an easy method, because I am pushed for time.

I use double sided tape if I have it, but I use ordinary tape also if I don't have the double sided stuff in the right width. I lay out a piece of  tissue paper - I don't mind if it has been a little wrinkled, infact I prefer it to smooth tissue. I stick strips of double sided tape across the tissue paper. In my picture the gold backed tape is the double sided stuff.

The cream tape is masking tape - I had no double sided one inch tape available and I wanted some thicker washi tape so I'll show you how I do it with single sided tape also.

Next thing I do is run a rotary cutter down the side of the tape to trim it out and get rid of the tissue in between the strips. I use a rotary cutter because I was once a quilter, but scissors or a craft knife will do just as well.

This is what you are after - lots of strips of tissue paper with tape already adhered to the reverse.

Next thing to do is colour on the tissue - I like to use copics because there are lots of shades available and they dry quickly and I have no time to wait on anything drying...

...except for distress distress inks...

Then it's time to have fun stamping! - Anything you fancy, words, patterns, repeated images, whatever tickles...

And hopefully you end up with a bunch of lovely patterned tapes! The beauty of making your own tapes lies not only in the customization, but in the fact that you can make small quantities. If you are at all related to me you no doubt have rolls and rolls of the stuff that you will never use because  'strident red stripes' just don't really work on that many cards....

Stamps I used on my tapes included, Woodgrain, Victorian Frippery, Off Beat Backgrounds, Heirloom Patterns, Dainty Doilies large and Little box Labels for the herringbone patter.

The Washi tapes that you make with double sided tape are all ready to use - simply peel off the backing and adhere.

For tapes made using single sided tape such as masking tape or similar - there is onemore step to follow - run the washi through the Xyron machine to add stickiness to the reverse. Failing that you can just use a little clear adhesive tape on the reverse, or even a little thinly spread glue. Easy peasy.

Your tape is now ready to use! I was itching to make a wee card and decided that I wanted to make one that sort of co-ordinated with my tape - another thing you can't do with some  store bought tapes....

I used some of the same stamps in my background that I used on my tapes. Love that pale green tape with the white doily image especially much.

So, what do you think? Fancy having a go? Why don't we make this another challenge then, have a go at making some patterned Washi tape with your WMS stamps and use it on a card. Link up your card here and I'll randomly pick another winner!! The winner of this challenge will scoop a large stamp set of their own choice!

The links will open (hopefully) at around 2:00pm today (8:00am Chicago time) and close the same times next Monday - I argued with Mr Linky this morning and although I'm pretty sure I had the last word, you never quite know...


  1. Oooh another interesting one - will play later in the week - my mojo is rarely lurking on a Monday!

  2. What a brilliant idea! I love all your tapes and think it's perfect to be able to co-ordinate the stamping on the tapes and your cards. I wonder whether it would work to ink and stamp straight onto masking tape instead of using tissue?

  3. I've not got any Washi tape - just think it would sit at the bottom of a drawer gathering dust. Thanks so much for a super tutorial - I think I'll have a go at making a few WMS Washi tapes - back later!!!!

  4. Totally with you on distress inks. Would be very clever to have tape to go with and inked BG.

  5. Love doing this as I don't own much washi; however, I never thought to color the tissue paper with inks. I am going to have to try that out.

  6. Oooh! Fun challenge!! My table is fairly clean, too -- perhaps I will have to give this a go!!

  7. Wow! Love your washi tape! I hadn't gotten around to ordering any and this will be a fun thing to try. Thanks for the tutorial Claire!

  8. Love this idea of making our own tape! Yours is beautiful,can't wait to try it!

  9. Never thought to make my own! I'll be trying this out for sure!

  10. Oh yea! Love this idea. I'm under the weather right now so my mojo is taking a break... i just want to curl up in bed and snooze. But maybe I will find some time later in the week?
    Thank you for sharing! Definitely will use this gem soon.

  11. I love this challenge, Claire. I plan to create some DIY washi when I get home from work this evening. Maybe I can even get a project done! LOL

  12. Hi Claire
    This is a great idea for making washi tape love the tutorial on this well explained. Will have to have a go later when the wee ones have been fed and put to bed. Yes that is when its time to take out the crafty stash and have a play. I have always stopped to look at washi tape and then eventually bought one still sat there as it really doesn't go with anything. So I am going to have a go and see what happens, really excited as my brain has started already which stamps to use which inks to use and so on.
    Love and hugs
    Rizwana xx

  13. Wondeful!! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try it! :-)

  14. Oooh! I am intrigued. You make it look so easy. Will see if I can carve out some time to play this week.

  15. ooh, love this, great tutorial and card!!

  16. Fab idea - I've never tried this either! Love that close up of the tapes you made - my first thought was "why have I been buying this stuff"!! Yours are great! You made this look easy and your card is fab Claire! Thank for the great technique and inspiration!

  17. What a soft and pretty card, Claire. I am intrigued with this technique and promise to try it soon.

  18. Claire, thanks for another interesting challenge! I can admit that I have just one single roll of Washi tape which I have used only once so far... Here it is quite (too) expensive and now that you showed us how to make it ourselves, I will give it a try - if I have time and a idea which stamps to use.

    Have a nice day!

  19. Beautiful card and technique Claire!

  20. Oh thanks, Claire. Thanks A LOT! You have turned me into a certifiable washi tape making monster...this is so much fun! But I am having trouble getting other stuff done, heeee!

  21. Clean house or make washi tape? The latter most definitely!

  22. I'm late...
    but this technique was so much fun...
    I think I'm going to agree with Kelly and Cammie...
    laundry or...
    make washi tape? *giggle*

  23. I agree with Cammie!! Great tutorial. Thank you and I love your washi tapes.


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