Sunday 20 January 2013

...a few snaps

Evening's been a while since I shared some snaps of Ireland...and I was looking
through some pics this eve and thought I might pop these up....

Also - do you see what i did there? I momentarily distracted you from the fact that I have not yet posted the free template from the's coming... I was making it up yesterday but it started to snow and since it's been two years since we had snow - we all went out to play...

These images are from last summer and are, from the top:
Cinn Aird Beach near Dingle
Gallarus Oratory, 4 pics
A mountain lake along the Conor Pass
A road on the way to Brandon Bay

wish I was there right about now....

back soon with the template! :)


  1. Claire beautiful photos and now Ireland is on my bucket list!

  2. Gorgeous pics Claire, I'm a fan of ancient buildings, and I'm hoping to make it to Northern Ireland one day to see these incredible sights.
    Have you had any snow?

  3. Your photos make me want to visit the British Isles and Ireland even more! My family is Welsh, Scottish and Anglo-Saxon with a little Dutch thrown in. My entire life I've wanted to go see these sights/sites for myself. I live in Colorado where old buildings are 100 years old - I can't even wrap my head around how old these structures are. Please don't stop posting your pics!

  4. Ireland has long been on my bucket list. These are gorgeous and reaffirm my choice.


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