Sunday 22 July 2012

...Strawberries anyone?

So, how's summer treating you? This is the project I was rushing to get ready for the Blog Party we had earlier, on the 17th to be, I'm only 5 days late....

I have been drawing up this little template in between 'real work' for a while and I was hoping to have it finished for the blog party, but you know how life kinda expands to fill all your available time!

Anywhoo it's very nearly ready...just a few finishing touches and I'll be making it available here when I have crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's...

It is fiendishly simple to throw together, even I was able to make the punnet (it's what we call strawberry baskets over here) and the strawberries, all in under an hour - I used my Craft Robo - have not quite been able to get the Silhouette out of the box....just yet...seriously - all you folks whose houses are immaculate and who make home cooked dinners every day, how DO you do it?

I stamped my punnet components with stamps from the Heirloom Patterns set by Anya, I love that wee ticking stripe backgrounder stamp, so subtle. I added a tag made from a label from the Jar Fillers Jam Packed set, and I  mutilated altered a large brad, two large brads, by sticking disks of paper over the lovely images. I had pre-stamped the weeny strawberry and leaves from the Jam Packed set on to the disks first.

 I made up some small strawberries to go in my punnet, these are criminally fast to make if you have an electronic cutter. I topped mine with green ribbon, but there is a lovely strawberry leaf top included in the template.

 Best thing about this template? It's a freebie!!! scroll up to the post after this one!

Hope it tickles!


  1. Yippy Skippy. Can't wait! <3

  2. Just adorable! I can't wait to try out the file!

  3. Thanks! Plan on taking fresh fruit to our neighborhood block picnic and a paper strawberry for everyone will be a pleasant reminder of the fun had by all.

  4. Claire, that's amazing!!! I love the style of this, it's so cute! Now I have to dream up a reason to make it...

  5. Thank you for the great freebie. It will be so much fun to put together !

  6. YES!! This does tickle Claire! Love the strawberries, - that close up with the design on the green top just YUMMY!

  7. Fabulous basket and berries! Love the gingham check and velvet tops on the strawberries!


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