Wednesday 29 June 2011

...Introducing Cameo To Go and Big Day (Dt blogs)

Hot on the heels of Cameo Creations is the other small Cameo set - Cameo to go. A 6x4 inch clear photopolymer set packed with ready built cameo images, extra frame, and sentiments to help you create your vintage trifles with speed.

I cheated slightly and used a motif stamp from the Ovals Classic Frames set (also new on Friday) to make that patterned background, love that fine and delicate pattern.

The focal point of this card tho' was made with the girl cameo from Cameo to go. I stamped the image, added the surround and trimmed it out with a Classic Ovals die - from the small set, we hope to have these on the store on Friday also.

I took it out of the die to show you how nicely it fits into the embossed area of the oval die cut. I then popped it back into the die and sponged on some Victorian Velvet distress ink. I cut a chocolate brown mat with a die from the lacey ovals die template set - Some days I really believe that somebody over at Spellbinders has somehow managed to tap into my brainwaves and just directs the company to produce stuff I want but didn't know it yet... I LOVE those lacey dies that complement the classic ovals and pennants and circles etc! so delicate!

Below I wanted to show you a comparison - I stamped the lady cameo - which is the same size as the girl, in black - I added the surround as before - isn't it so fabulous that you can see through photopolymer!!!

Then I lined up a die from the Classic ovals large set over the image. - the one that was closest in size. You can see how this die is smaller than the one used on the girl cameo. When you get a stamp that does not fall completely within the die frame it can be a little tricky to line up. All you need to remember is to centre the design inside the frame. I designed the cameo surround to be perfectly symmetrical - just so that when you are trimming it out in this way, it is easy to see if the image is evenly arranged within the die - notice the scrolls at the top and bottom, how you can see exactly the same amount of each scroll - and the little tiny bits at the sides, how they match perfectly.

 I secure the die with some tape and run it through the Grand Calibur. I don't emboss the die, I just cut. I don't like an embossing line to run through a stamped image, I'm a little over fussy that

Here I have added a black mat, cut with a die from the Big Scalloped Ovals large set (- by the way, just in case you are new here, all dies I mention are Spellbinders brand dies - I am pretty addicted to them.) You can judge which you prefer, but I wanted to show you the comparison between the two classic ovals die template sets from Spellbinders, remember, small on the left, large on the right!

The other thing you will notice about the oval dies - the 'flange' or embossing bit - the bit of the die which falls either side of the cutting line, it is not exactly the same width all the way round, in the same way that it would be on a square or circular die. I have designed the stamps to take account of this. You will notice it most when you line up your dies over the stamped images, but so long as you just remember to centre your image, your images will be trimmed just fine.

Back to the card...some idiot ( decided that glossy accents would look good used over the cameo, and yes, it would have been very pretty if the same idiot had not lost patience while waiting for it to dry and used a heat gun to sort of speed it along...causing a ripple in the was so tempted to tell you I did that on purpose as an example of what not to!!

The sentiment is one of the 7 included in the set - I adore that font!! so pretty and feminine and just right for this vintage style set I thought!!

Hope it tickles!! - I will be back later with in the meantime, here are the ladies - they are previewing our two new wedding based sentiment sets:

Now before we go, Anya has some Big Cheese News for us!!!

This week's Big Cheese

We've had another flurry of Gallery submissions this week, all eligible to be a Big Cheese!

If you aren't familiar with the Big Cheese Gallery incentive program, you can read more about it here. It is easy - all you have to do is make a card or project using Waltzingmouse Stamps products and upload it to our Gallery. Let us know in the forum that you've uploaded something, and we'll go check it out! Weekly winners receive a discount code towards their next purchase from the WMS Store.

Our winner this week is Lana with this card she made using Festive Foliage. This card combines a deliciously frosty color combination, a well-balanced design and WMS Sketch #9 to result in an outstanding creation!

Lana, send me an email and we will provide you with a discount code for your next Waltzingmouse Stamps purchase. Keep the uploads coming, everyone! You are doing a fantastic job!

Lana's card will be added to the Big Cheese highlight album in the WMS Gallery. Would you like the opportunity to be chosen? Post your new upload links here, a new thread starts every Monday!

Anya :)


  1. Gorgeous Claire, I love these stamps, and the lacy ovals are so pretty! Fab tutorial too!

    Congrats to Lana, it's a beautiful card and so well deserved!!

  2. Awesome card!! Love the background, and the cameo. Perfection!! Can't wait for the release.

  3. Hi Claire!

    Oeh, gosh, I saw some amaaaaazing sentiments hopping around today!! Sooo pretty!! You've really done a wonderful job there!! Your card is soo pretty and I think we all can relate in being impatient with the Glossy Accents, well, at least I can, ha ha!! I've done that a bit too often, hi hi!!!
    But it's a very pretty result!!

    Hugs, Wendy

  4. Oh this looks fantastic! Really loving these Sneak peaks :) Can't wait

    Ali x

  5. Another beautiful 'sample' Claire. I love the font you've used for these sentiments too!

  6. LOVE the font too and this card so sweet looks almost antique!

  7. Fab step by step and adore the big cheese winner - just fab.

  8. Beautiful colors! I love the background, layered ovals and Cameo! Waiting for Happy Friday! )))

    Thank you Claire for tutorial!

    And I'm lucky winner! I love cheese! Big Cheese!!!))))))))))))))

    Thank you very much girls! (happy dance)


  9. Claire - these sentiments are just wonderful - and the cameos and ovals - fantastic! Both on my need list!!

  10. another great example for the cameos

  11. love this new cameo image stamp set claire-your card is so beautiful-love the glossy accents touch

  12. Stunning Claire! So elegant! Always a treat to see how you showcase your art :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Beautiful card, Claire! I love all of the sponging that you did. And the sentiment font on the new set is just divine.

  14. A knockout, Claire! I love to read your tips and tricks, you're always sharing a new way to use your stamps! This font is a favorite of mine, too.

  15. Stunning! Gorgeous! Amazing! Beautiful! LOVE it!

    And, congrats to the Big Cheese! That is an absolutely beautiful card, too!

  16. I think what you did with the glossy accents is absolutely brilliant. It caught my eye right away and I was wondering what it was-whether it was something you bought,etc. It really looks like a cameo with its raised edges.

  17. The glossy accent snafu is an absoluely brilliant idea. It makes the cameo look like it was resin-cast.

  18. Claire, how great that you have made the stamps so easy to center in dies. Do take a peek in the WMS forum under Tutorials. I just posted a tutorial on using dies and getting perfect alignment every time, even for those "uneven" dies. Takes all the guesswork out of it. :-)


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