Wednesday 11 May 2011

...oooh yummie colours

So - I took the plunge - bought me some SU inks...

To be honest I have wondered about these for a while - sometimes I get emails from folks who use SU inks, wondering if they work with clear stamps. I can't answer for other clear stamp producers, but I thought the best thing to do was to try it myself!!

And yup, my arm didn't need much twisting!! I do love the range of colours they produce!!!

Anyhow - here's what I have found - these inks seem to work perfectly well with our stamps!! I am delighted! - I tested over 30 colours - admittedly there are about maybe 10 more or so that I don't have, but out of over 30, I only found one ink that didn't stamp as clear and crisp as the others, see below - the green, think it was certainly celery - and to be honest I completely forgive it!! It's such a lovely sahde of green that I actually didn't mind!! lol!!

You can see below - the green doily shape (Dainty Doilies 2 Small) the fine detail of the stamp is not so crisp as it is with the other doilies immediately beside it.

I tested the inks with 'used' stamps that had been inked up before and they were grand.

I also tested with a brand new stamp - newly 'peeled' NOT seasoned, rubbed or sanded, nothing! See below.

Inked it up...

here's what it stamped like - top left pine cone - I inked up and stamped again - bottom right pinecone - I couldn't see any difference. I was very pleased with the impression, it seemed to cover well and stamp clean!

LOL, before we go any further...nope, I'm not becoming an SU demo.....I'm just hoping to answer a few questions that I often get asked regarding SU inks - I'm guessing that many, many US folks and a good few UK people will be very familiar with SU inks and have had concerns about how they stamp with clear stamps. This is purely what I have found with our WMS Stamps.

Just while I'm here, thought I'd show you a big doily I stamped while checking out my new inks!
 I started with the half 'tatted' doily stamp from Dainty Doilies 2 Small and stamped it twice to get a simple tatted doily. I took the little 'tatting' piece also from the same set and satmped around the outer edge to increase the size of my doily.

Then I turned the tatting piece side on and stamped two together, facing each other - see below in the darker ink colour.

I repeated this around the edge of the doily.

Finished with a centre piece from the same set - this wee mini centre piece also makes a cute mini doily in it's own right.

The finished Doily is just under 7 inches in diameter!! I thought it was quite pretty!! Great background for a scrap page!!

Hope it tickles!!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Claire. The colors and coverage are beautiful.

  2. Now youra teasing me with the other set LOL. Great post and aren't they fab! A match made in heaven...SU inkpads and WM stamps! :D

    Thanks for sharing your fabby tests!

    Tickled indeed

    Ali x

  3. beautiful colors!
    but i'm in love with your circle doily!!

  4. Claire, I use SU inks on all of my stamps and don't have any problems. I also have bought those $1.00 Studio G stamps from Michael's and they work fantastic. Love the Doily..Alice Roushia

  5. Super cool! Your doily would be awesome on a stamped paper table cloth. I saw the idea on the Martha Stewart website

  6. Ooh! Look at that rainbow of doilies! Awesome Claire! Here's a little tip for those soft pastel colors that aren't as crisp... ink your stamp up in clear Versamark ink, then ink it with the celery ink and you should get a crisp impression. :)

  7. Oh my goodness, Claire, your tatted doily is lovely beyond words. Wow, thank you for sharing that and for sharing your ink test. I don't own any SU inks, but maybe I

  8. The test sheet looks so pretty with all the colors Claire! I must have about 50 SU ink pads (and reinkers!) and I stopped using them moving onto Adirondacks, PTi and finally settling on Ranger Distress - maybe I'll revisit the SU afterall --- they are just sitting on my work table in their cute little rack!!!

    love your tatted doily too!

  9. Eeee! Wowsers Claire - such a doily-licious display!!
    I love seeing them all stamped in their pretty colours like this.
    Since I took delivery of my order a couple of days ago I've been hot-footing new WMS ideas all over the place. Cute ginghams.... Saying it loud.... Vintage circles in my challenge card for you (need to photograph it tomorrow!) and I'm bursting with doily-tastic ideas too! Thanks so much for this little colour showcase and for an a-maz-ing release ;)
    Hugs, Ruth S

  10. Your doily photos are so lucious! Makes me want to go out and buy me some more ink! Years ago I gradually accumulated all of the SU inks as Stampin Spots and reinkers, but they've changed the colors a couple of times since then and now I'm out of date. They look great all laid out like that.

  11. Beautiful doilies! Love the last one you worked on! Question: Did you purchase the waterbased inks or the craft (pigment ink) ones? Thanks!

  12. Wow, Claire, the "tatted" doily is fabulous! I'm sold...I wasn't going to get the little set, but I just love this so much you talked me into it! (now if I only knew what "tatted" meant...;)

  13. Claire,
    I think the one inkpad (Certainly Celery) may be slightly more wet than the others. I use SU pads all the time however recently tried out Tim Holtz Distress Inks with Waltzingmouse stamps and I found that the brand new inkkpads do not give such a crisp result when compared to my older Distress Inkpads. I too never prime my Waltzingmouse stamps anymore when I use Stampin' Up! Inks, your new Photopolymer totally rocks! and your Stamps are made for Stampin' Up! inks lol ;)

  14. Looks awesome, Claire! Just that first picture, oeh, awesome colors!!! Fun to do things like this, right?! And your final doily is gorgeous!!! Love it!!
    Wishing you a lovely day!
    Hugs, Wendy

  15. Claire,

    You are teasing me to buy the inks LOL... Thank you for this great info. Never use SU ink before. They look awesome. I fall in love with those green and pink. Doilies and tatting, can't wait to received WMS parcel.

    To Julie, Thanks for the crisp info girl!

  16. Gorgeous, Claire. I could imagine your top picture being a gorgeous, delicate bedcover and it would be beautiful. Wow, you sure did check it all out. I use mostly SU inks, unless I'm using black. For black I use Memento, Tuxedo Black, but even then I'm not too happy with the coverage all the time. It seems to come out weaker than I'd like. TFS!

  17. Claire - I make swatch sheets with all my inks (great to see what goes with what) - but mine are simply squares!! Your doilies look abolutely amazing laid out like this.

    And that super big doily you made - just fantastic.

    Oh yes, I really like SU inks - great colours and work well on all my stamps! Enjoy!!

  18. I'm so glad you tried and liked the SU inks! They are some of my favorites to use with your stamps and they do have great colors.

    And how fantastically fabulous is that doily! I need to remember this - you should see how awesome that stamp is in clay!!! :O

  19. Claire,

    First your "tatted" doily is FANTASTIC. I regret that I didn't order that set when I placed my order for some of the new releases!! (but you know I will be back for more!!) You made me see it from an entirely new perspective! WELL DONE!!!!

    Glad you took the plunge on the SU ink. I've been tempted by them also because they offer so many colors but didn't want to make a big investment withough being positive about what to expect. Thanks for doing the leg - I mean arm work and figuring this out for me. I can order with confidence. You alway say you are "fussy" - so if they are good by you that is a big endorsement.

  20. Muchly tickled, Claire!! Your completed doily is stunning ... I always love to see what you've created with your stamps ... so much inspiration! Hope you're loving your dedicated crafting room ... would love to see it! So grateful too for Julee's Versamark tip ... certainly one I'll be trying.
    Have a great evening, Claire!

  21. what do you use to clean the ink off of your stamps? I find that red SU and other bold colors tend to discolor the stamp. Any suggestions?

  22. Hi Claire
    I always use SU inks and Memento with your clear stamps and I find them perfect! A perfect team!

  23. Are these the craft (pigment) inks or the classic (dye) inks? Beautiful!!!!

  24. Very Clever Claire, I like it!!!
    Just an FYI, I have used your clear stamps with CTMH inks and they work well too. (ctmh-close to my heart) It is best if you season them first as they accept more ink that way but to each their own.

  25. This is absolutely fabulous. i'm glad you love your colors. and thanks on the tips on creating that amazing doily.

  26. I'd also like to know if you used the Craft or Pigment SU! ink in your testing.
    Loving that doily too!

  27. Love your beautiful tatted doily, Claire. And thanks for the tip about SU inks. I have a ton of those!


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