Sunday, 3 October 2010

...more gallery goodness!

I finally managed to view all of the items in the friends of WMS gallery!! I stayed up till 3am, it was addictive, there was so much to see!!

I am in awe ladies, the talent out there is superb! I was so impressed by the gallery projects that I have decided that maybe we should do this on a regular basis!!! There were so many, many things projects that stood out and I would have loved to pick them all but I was particularly tickled by this wee house, Stephany Zerbe used the recent Halloween sets, Midnight Feast and the Free Gingerbread house template to create this adorable little treat box!!

Stephany, pop me an email, you win a free set of your choice!!

And just cos I know you folks want to know, here is Steph's Album.
And here is Steph's Blog.

October Release

Later today I will be back with a sneeky peek!!! Can you believe it's time for our October release to kick off?!!! We'll be having a peek today, maybe a couple of peeks and then tomorrow starts the previews here and on the DT blogs!!!

AND, Big news folks, this month we have two new DT ladies!!!! Woohooo!!!!!

By November we will be back to our usual first of the month spot! Gosh that vacation sure knocked us out of kilter!! And, I so appreciate the DT ladies working with me, I have really messed up those ladies schedules with all this date changing!!!!


  1. Terrific creation. Great job Stephanie.

    I am so excited right now!! I can't wait to pick my free set!!! I simply adore the two sets I have and can't wait to add to my collection!
    You're the best!! Thanks so much!

  3. Love this gift box congrats Stephanie!
    Claire can't wait to see the new stamps!

  4. That's such a sweet little house. Well done Steph - you're a lucky girl :))
    Deborah x

  5. I think Steph's little house box is fab, well done Steph!

  6. I'm so glad you found Steph's wonderful Halloween house Claire! I meant to point it out to you... I saw it when she made it for the free template blog hop Lisa ran while you were away - and I've already copied it for my church fair!!!

    big congrats Steph!!!


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