Thursday, 30 September 2010

...and Gallery Winner is....

Ed - I haven't forgotten about my little extra gallery prize, but I haven't finished looking through all the albums yet!! I will post the winner when I've done that!!

Lucy Carlson

you win SIX stamp sets of your choice from the WMS store!

pop me an email with your deets!!!

I am having a lovely time browsing all of the cards and projects that have been uploaded to the Gallery and I have decided to award another little prize tomorrow - It will take me until tomorrow to finish looking through, but I will pick out a little winner, I'm not looking for technical merit! I am just going to pounce on something that catches my eye, and 'tickles'!!!

Till tomorrow ladies!! Thank you all fr populating our gallery, I do hope you all keep it up, it is a terrific source of inspiration and I wouldn't rule out the odd gallery based prize!!! We all like surprises!


  1. Congratulations to Lucy! She is one lucky lady! :)

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations Lucy.

    I'm so envious............. lol

  3. Claire, may I say that I am utterly blown away by all the unbelievably gorgeous cards in the WMS Gallery! I just today had time to look at some of the albums, and I am having a giddy fit with all the CASE-ability!!LOL!
    Although all the albums/cards and personal crafting styles are unique, there is ONE thing that makes this Gallery a standout - it is the overall quality and style of the stamps used on these cards. Claire, YOU stand out among stamp makers! Keep up the great work, missie!

  4. Congrats, Lucy! You must be thrilled.
    Ooh, whatcha gonna choose?!

  5. Ohhh Lucy, I can't wait to see your reply, squee! Congratulations!!!

  6. Congratulations Lucy. Such an awesome prize!

  7. Lucky Lucy!! :) Have fun choosing some new goodies!! :)

  8. Thankyou soooooo much :D I have only just discovered WMS and opened a gallery a few days before Claire announced the comp. I am so to look :D
    L x


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