Tuesday 3 August 2010

August Friends of Waltzingmouse Stamps Blog Waltz

I hope you've all marked your calendars for August 17th... our next Friends of Waltzingmouse Stamps Blog Waltz! The theme this month is VINTAGE/SHABBY CHIC. There are many ways to interpret this theme...we can't wait to see YOURS!

Edited to add: There have been some questions about what is meant by "vintage/shabby chic." They are actually two different styles... or perhaps I should say that shabby chic is more a subset of vintage. Vintage is more of an "old" antique look, usually accomplished by distressing. Shabby chic is also vintage in the sense of distressing, but with a softer look, more pastel type colors. You can go either way! There is no right or wrong with this one!

Since we had a positive response to the way we organized the waltz last month, we're going to stick to that plan again this month.

The threads in the Playroom:Blog Waltzes of the Waltzingmouse forum will open on Monday, August 16th at midnight Eastern, 5:00 am GMT, 2:00 pm AEST. You'll have all day/evening/night on Monday to link your blogs for the waltz.

Then, everyone will schedule their blog waltz posts to go live on Tuesday, August 17th at midnight Pacific, 1:00 am Mountain, 2:00 am Central, 3:00 am Eastern, 8:00 am GMT, 5:00 pm AEST. Participants and waltzers alike can waltz at their leisure whenever convenient that day... and on through Thursday for a chance to win a prize.

Note: this means that you will be linking your general blog address on Monday, not a link to your actual post since it won't be live until the above time. So, for waltzers to easily locate your Friends of Waltzingmouse Stamps blog post, please place the Blog Waltz graphic (above) at the top of your post.

Of course there will be prizes!!! One of the Blog Waltz participants will be randomly selected to win a stamp set of choice. We'll also have a bit of a game going on in the August Blog Waltz Chat thread... a bit different this month...and one of the waltzers who plays will be randomly selected to win a stamp set of choice!

If you have any questions, please pop a comment below. Also, if you don't mind, we'd love it if you'd post our Blog Waltz graphic with a link back to this post on the sidebar of your blog!

See you on the 17th!!!

P.S. Some of you may recognize this month's blog graphic. It's one we used previously, but I changed the date and dulled the colors a bit to try to match the theme. I didn't have a chance to get a new graphic from Claire before she left, so this will have to do. (*grin*)


  1. It's on my calander!Love the waltzes, Great theme!!

  2. Oh no! Shabby AND chic!! I can only do one at a time (usually shabby), this is going to be my Nemesis!

  3. sneaky lisa! just kidding - can't wait to see what the twist is on the game. can i just say i'm doomed, doomed, doomed... vintage/shabby? both i can't do! I have to go browse some of ya'll blogs now to get ideas -- See ya'll at the big waltz.

  4. Love the sound of this waltz!! Thinking cap on!!!

  5. I must join Ren-Yi (for goodness sake tell me how to pronounce this name!) in that I'm not quite sure how this card should look either...can we have the definitive description Lisa?


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