Tuesday 24 March 2009


I spent my craft time yesterday making up the template for the baskets I made for my Precious Scraps samples. I am going to upload them to SCS as I usually do, hopefully you will be able to get them there very soon. The quickest way is to follow the link in my side bar under Templates and Tutorials. (Would somebody do the honours and let me know that you were able to download them ok? Ta.)

As usual READ the template before you print it - there might be an important tip that you don't want to miss!! Also, I printed the templates directly onto the patterned paper, I just cut it down to letter size and it went through fine.

The Octagon Basket template is for this basket:

To make one like this, you will need to print the template once onto your patterned paper (print it at 100%), then once again onto plain cardstock at 99% for the liner. Then if you fancy making a wee footer like this:

You will need to print the template again at 101% and cut it down as you fancy - I used a patterned fiskars border punch to get a sort of filigree look.

You will also need a scalloped square for the very bottom - I used a Nestabilities classic scalloped square, 4th from smallest in the Sml set.

The second template, The Mini Square basket is this one. Real easy.

Hope they tickle and I'd love to see what you do with them!!


  1. oh my goodness Claire, these are amazing!!! How sweet of you to share these templates. I hope to get to play with them soon :)

  2. These are lovely and I especially like the wee footer!! Which Fiskar's border punch did you use. Looks new! Your projects are so lovely and well thought out. I check in all the time!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your templates. I'll definitely be making many of these for Easter & Mother's Day!


  4. Oh my ! what a truly are talented...ty so much for sharing.

  5. Aloha Claire, wow another wonderful baskets. I was able to open the 2 templates. Thank you very much for sharing.

  6. I'm tickled pink! These are astoundingly brilliant. You are my template hero. No exaggeration whatsoever! Thank You ever so much for sharing your talent! :O)

  7. These are just so wonderful Claire!! I am in love with that paper and your baskets are perfect!! Thank for sharing them! :)

  8. Thanks Claire, for spending your time in making the templatefor us. It is so much appreciated!! I would love to jump and make this basket NOW, unfortunatly there are some other things on the list before *grumble* but be sure I will do it - LOVE IT!...and thanks again
    bye for now Antje

  9. thanks for sharing the templates for your adorable baskets!

  10. Those are beautiful! Very cute

  11. Wow Claire! You are amazing!
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Hi there Claire!

    I just found your blog and I am really enjoying it! your 3 D projects are so creative and original. I just wanted to say Hi and Thank you for sharing your talent and making templates and details available to all of us who love to create, but may not quite have the know how to come up with some of these things on our own.


  13. Gorgeous gorgeous baskets.

  14. You have a so beautiful blog, I must it simply with me left. I love the things, which you make. Absolutly!!!

  15. Wahoooo, I have done one... and the template works just great!! Thanks again

  16. Gorgeous baskets Claris !

    Warm regards
    from Anke

  17. These are absolutely beautiful, love the idea.

  18. Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful basket AND the template for making one. I tried it for myself and wanted to let you know. I've posted it on my blog here

    Thank you once again for sharing your talent and for your generosity!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing! I love these. I'm hoping I can get a few made for a wee hunt I'm having here for our kids and friends on Sunday. These are perfect!

  20. your templates are wonderful! I am so happy I discovered your blog!

    But I cannot download this one...there seems to be a problem :(



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