Sunday, 5 October 2008

...Three kings gift boxes

ED again - 15th Oct 2008 - I'm having real trouble keeping up with demand for the templates to these boxes - could I ask folks to hold off from emailing me until I can get a 'button' sorted out that you can click on to download. - many thanks for your patience.

ED - Just a wee note to anyone who has/wants a template - Cut out on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines. Stamp designs on your box before you make the folds. Stamp on the side of the cut out that shows NO lines, this way when you fold it up, the guidelines will be inside the box. Print the template out in a very pale colour if you are printing onto pale cardstock as there is the chance some of lines might be visible. If possible print it in a colour to match your cardstock - my printer allows me to do this - eg. If I'm printing on pink cardstock, I can print the template in a slightly darker pink.

Waiting for the wee guy to fall asleep the other night, I had an idea for these Three kings gift boxes - they each have three sides. I was mulling over ideas for things I could make to sell at Christmas craft fairs this year - might run up a couple of these.

They are so easy to put together - I have made a template which I have in PDF format - if I can find a way to make it downloadable from this blog I will, but in the meantime if anyone fancies a copy email me and i'll send you a pdf of the template.

What I like about them is that they can be finished in so many different ways - these are the first 3 I made but I'm working on another batch - they should be very different.

They're not huge but they'd hold sweets, bottle of perfume - jewellery etc, Loads of things.

I had a ball using loads of wee PTI stamps to gild the red box (pure poppy - PTI cardstock) - love how the Encore gold metallic ink shines.

On the brown box I made a wee tag with a scrap of Linen Vellum left over from when I cut out snowflakes with a sizzix die. Popped the burnt orange in behind and secured them together with an eyelet - hung from the box with fine string.

Went for a subtle plum on plum with the third box - maybe a leetle too subtle...but they're so easy I'm off to do some more!!

Hope they tickle.

Stuff Used:
Red box
Cardstock - Pure Poppy PTIStamps - Guidelines, Holiday treats, Boxes bags and tags, Rustic snowflakes, Believe. All PTIInk - Encore metallic gold LSS but also available from PTI
Ribbon - Gold 15mm sheer ribbon - LSS.

Brown box
Cardstock - Dark Chocolate PTI, Linen Vellum PTI Burnt orange - LSS.
Stamps - Polka dot basics, Rustic Snowflakes, Merry and Bright, all PTI.
Ink - Versacolour white
Ribbon - Brown and white 15mm sheer ribbons - LSS.
Eyelet - Papermania - LSS
String -Back of my kitchen drawer.

Plum box
Cardstock - Plum pudding PTI
Stamps - Merry and Bright, Rustic snowflakes all PTI.
Ink - Plum pudding, PTI
Ribbon - Gold 15mm sheer ribbon - LSS.


  1. These are so neat, Claire! Wow!

  2. Those are SO cute that I NEED that PDF! :-) I don't know how to do it, but here's a link from SCS discussing how to do it.
    Hope that helps. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Claire,
    These boxes are beautiful! I love the gold on the pure poppy! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  4. Fantastic!!! great job...TFS!!! I love them!

  5. So cute!!!!
    You are super creative girl!
    I love looking at your wee lil projects!


  6. Claire, your brain is an amazing thing :-) These and your witch hat are usual :-)

  7. If you don't have any luck with the pdf instructions, ask Mel on She often does templates and I am sure she would help. She also has a gorgeous blog if you don't know it already. Anyway, I would definitely like the instructions for the boxes which are so lovely. The red and gold is stunning. I couldn't find your email address, so could you please send the instructions to Thank you.

  8. I've tried (this makes 3) twice to post a comment to this post. Let's hope this one works.

    Claire, this are so very regal. Your crativity is second only to your amazing ability to execute your vision. Awesome job, and I'd love a PDF of this project!!!

  9. Hello :)
    I really enjoyed our Stamping & cuppa morning. Thanks for letting me explore your craft boxes & hopefully I put everything back as I found it.
    I will post a foto of my box when its finished, Thanks for the template :)

  10. Simply stunning, Claire! You never cease to amaze me!!!

  11. Claire these boxes are amazing!!!

  12. Hey, I posted a pic of the box.
    Thanks again

  13. I think the water on the 'other side of the pond' is more potent with unique creativity! You have such creative projects and I appreciate your sharing them!!

    ~ Serendipity ;)

  14. I love these...Can you send me the pdf file to would be thrilled to have it!Hugs,Ina

  15. Wow those boxes are fantastic!!
    I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it
    I would love the template please.sorry I dont know much about blogs so cant help you with how to post the download.
    if you could send the template to my gmail account I would appreciate it much.. thanks!!!

  16. I love Christmas also and I would love a copy of the template for your beautiful boxes. Thanks Ann Lind

  17. Hi Claire,
    I'm back again for another peek at your beautiful boxes! I'd love the pdf if you have it available. My email is Thanks for sharing your creative genius!

  18. how flipping clever! I love it and must get the template to try these! :) you're a genius with the template ideas

  19. I just love your boxes. they are great. Would you please send me the pattern...Thanks,Emily

  20. These are AMAZZZZZZZZZZZING!! and I would love to get the PDF if possible. I know that everyone is asking you for it but pleasssse may I have it???? Thank you so much.

  21. oh my goodness these are adorable. would love the pdf file. e-mail to thank You very much.

  22. WOW, these boxes are ACE! I also just love anything Christmas. Please please may I have a copy of the template? My email address is Many thanks. Angela xxx.

  23. You have wonderful Ideas love them
    please checkout my daughters blog sorry posting anonymous
    can't get my password to work Urgg

  24. Thank you for sharing your beautiful 3 kings boxes, much appreciate you

  25. OMG these boxes are just wonderful!
    Would it still be possible for you to send me the template? My email is Hugs of thanks
    Three Kings Day is Jan.6th


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