Monday, 26 July 2010

...Day 3 continued...Midnight Feast

It's very nearly release time here at Waltzingmouse stamps (tomorrow) and I have a couple of things still to show you, I may not have time to get around all of them but here is one very interesting tip regarding the Midnight Feast set! (scroll down to see today's previews if you haven't seen them already)

I'm feeling truly awful that I didn't share it with the DT earlier, especially Anya, who could have used it to make her 'spooktacular' card above! Isn't it fabby??

Anyhow, if you've been around here a while you know how much I like to make things easy! Now when I was designing this little gothic window for the Midnight Feast set, I was looking around at what I could use to cut those little windows out, because windows just beg to be cut out don't they? lol!

I found I had the perfect tool in this making memories hole punch/eyelet setter tool - I believe it is called the 'Instant Setter' in the US. It comes with 3 interchangeable sizes of hole punch I found that two of them fit the little tiny windows perfectly. The longer thin window shapes are actually very easy to trim out with a craft knife. Have a peep at the series of pics below to see how easy these are to 'cut out' (sorry Anya!!).

Now, I now not everyone has this tool, but I'm willing to bet most folks have some sort of hole punch gadget that could be used to do the same thing!!! quick, check your gadget box!! LOL!

Hope it tickles!


  1. I do believe Anya is coming to your house on Halloween this year and there won't be any treating!!!
    But very handy tip.

  2. Great tip Claire! I have the Provocraft Silent Setter which looks the same as what you are using!

    Gorgeous card btw ;)

  3. You are so clever -- and I love that window!!

  4. This is a beautiful church window....and a Japanese Screw Punch might do the job too...even though it only is 'one size'. I use it often - it used to be 'the' tool to have in your arsenal. All the best for tomorrow.

  5. *groan* <- that's on behalf of Anya. Lol. But of course you thought of everything! i love the window. i have a billion ideas already what i can do with it! :D

  6. Another clever "discovery" Claire - where do they all come from! You're certaily going to deserve your holiday this year ;o) Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration.

  7. It's like you read my mind. You answered a question I haven't even asked yet. (of course I started wondering about it when Anya revealed her wonderful card.) Thank you for making the windows so easy to cut out. :)

    So now here I am waiting at my computer wondering if you will release your stamps at midnight since one of your sets is Midnight Feast...???

  8. EEK I actually DO have that tool! I can't wait to try this out! Loved Anya's card! So cool how you have a goblin green window pane in yours! Can't wait to see the full sets later....and have a BLAST with your family, Claire!

  9. Sandy in Epping27 July 2010 at 12:44

    Claire, this release is just to clever for words! No wonder you are taking a vacation, your brain needs a total "R&R"! NO!!, wait, if your come back all rested and recovered, you'll have even more fantastical ideas for us, and I will still be digesting this last release--never any let up with you, is there! LOL!
    Even though, I am not a Hallowe'en-y kind of person, I may just NEED to find a place in my stash for these adorable sets. Such Torture, ack!!!!

  10. What a clever idea!! That can certainly be used with other stamps...
    Whishing you the best vacation ever - you so deserve it - ENJOY!

  11. Hahahahah - the secret is out! I used a hole punch, so it wasn't as bad as I apparently made it sound ;) Not as good of a fit as the tool you used, though! Thank you for the info!!

  12. This is amazing Claire! Great the florishes!!

  13. What a beautiful Halloween card Claire! Thanks for the tip too!!


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