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Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Big Cheese of the Week

Hi there!

I'm sneaking in to share this week's Big Cheese. Thanks to all of you that played along this week.

Without further ado, this week's Big Cheese: Laurie Jones!

This card is composed so beautifully, with the many layers complimenting each other perfectly. The denim and yellow is a fresh color combination and makes me think of spring! The yellow felt flower and big yummy bow add just the right balance of texture. I also love the way Laurie inked the inside of her die cut frames, a look that adds softness and helps to tie everything together.

Congratulations, Laurie! Your project will be added to the Big Cheese highlight album in the WMS Gallery. Please send me an email and I will provide you with a discount code for $10 off your next Waltzingmouse Stamps purchase.

Jeanne Jachna shared a sweet Valentine with us this week.

Look at the way Jeanne lined up the bow and arrow from Sweethearts with the fancy label from Very Vintage Labels No. 1! It is a match made in heaven. And how could you resist the sweet pinks on this treat?

And last but not least, the example of elegance - Liza Carruthers.

The patterned paper, the sophisticated bow (did you see that brad?), the shaded label... it all just exudes elegance. Sticking with a simple layout, Liza was able to let these other elements take center stage and they are just beautiful together.

Ladies, thank you all so much for sharing these projects with us. I truly look forward to seeing what you share each week. We thank you for your continued participation and would love to see some new players (so tell your friends! :)

Have a great day!

Monday, 21 June 2010

...background stamping, a little help...

So, I know tons of you have the plaid-maker stamps, I know this because I ship them out LOL! The plaid maker stamps are fabulous for making all sorts of plaid and stripey backgrounds just like the one you see in today's card. I love making plaid. I love everything about it, choosing the colours, the therapy of some nice repetitive stamping, the unique finished pattern and the look of it on a card or project.

Just this last week I had a few enquiries about how to get the plaid so perfectly straight and a few questions about backgrounds in general, so today I'm going to start a wee series of blog posts on how to get the best from your background stamps, starting with plaid. There will be a series of these posts over the next few weeks, they'll be interrupted by out next release which is so close I can smell it! LOL! (July 1st).

It's so close in fact that I could not resist another little peep at one of the stamp sets due for release, it's the sentiment stamp on today's card, I love it but I'm saying no more about it...

I used the narrower plaid-maker stamp from Pic-nic patterns and the sawtooth border from Vintage Labels no3

Getting a good impression

apologies for the poor photography, I am light box shopping as we speak...

So let's start at the start and make sure that everyone is getting a proper impression. Large stamps of any kind can be prone to less than perfect impressions. The first time I stamped with a border stamp I got a big 'hole' in the centre. I remember thinking that maybe the clear block I was using was perhaps bowed, so I stuck the stamp to the other side and tried again, same problem, maybe it was the table, I tried stamping on another surface but the result was not what I thought it should be.

I went out and bought new blocks and tried many other surfaces and then I found a piece of advice somewhere, I don't remember where, but it was so simple and an instant cure. Use foam. Lightbulb moment.

A thin piece of foam, fun foam, upturned mouse mat, something with a little give in it. Pop it under the card/paper you are stamping on and, hey presto, the problem disappears.

Below, this is how a border stamp might stamp on card which is laid onto a table surface, you can see bits have not stamped evenly, gaps are a disaster in a stamp such as this.

Below, a piece of fun foam set under the cardstock, the stamp is stamped again with an even pressure all over and the impression is perfect. These days I stamp nothing without the foam, not even a teeny tiny sentiment, it seems to improve the quality of every impression from every type of stamp I have, wood mounted red rubber, clear stamps, everything. Try it, you'll like it.

A simple plaid

Now, onto the backgrounds, I will start with a very simple plaid. I have to admit I usually eyeball it and live with slight irregularities but If I'm making something special I might mark a few guides. I have a quilting ruler which I find invaluable, but any old ruler will do.

I'm using the narrower of the two plaid maker stamps from pic-nic patterns for this example, it is just under 3/4 inch wide.

I just set the ruler down on the cardstock, trying to keep it roughly aligned with the edge of the card, but not being too fussy. Because my ruler is so broad I can just make little marks down the edge of the ruler on both sides, I make my marks exactly an inch apart. my stamp is just under 3/4 inches wide and i want a little space between impressions to help the pattern work.

If I take the ruler away you can see that there are two parallel rows of marks. It is very important that the rows are parallel so if you are not using a quilting ruler such as mine, you might need to take a bit of care to make sure your two rows of marks are parallel.

I begin stamping my plaid, for this example i use two colours of ink, a paler and a darker colour, but imagine the possibilities of 3 colours or more!

Using the paler ink, I stamp my fist impression just under the first two pencil marks. I leave a space under the second two pencil marks and stamp again under the third two pencil marks. Leave another space under the 4th and stamp again under the 5th pair of pencil marks.

Now, I take the page and turn it round slightly so that my stamped images are running up and down instead of side to side. I mark another set of pencil marks along the stamped images.

I stamp another impression, just like I did before, just under the new pencil marks again I leave spaces under the second and 4th sets of pencil marks.

You can really see the plaid coming together now and it's easy to just fill in the blanks, the pencil marks are still there to guide you if you don't like to eyeball it.

It's time to use the darker ink now and stamp an impression in between the first two paler impressions.

Stamp another two dark impressions under the 4th and 6th pencil marks and turn the page around again, you plaid should look something like this:

Stamp another dark ink impression under the 2nd set of marks and you can clearly see now the pattern of the plaid, it really is so simple and once you have done this once or twice it will be so much easier to plan you pattern that you may not need pencil marks at all.

With all of the spaces filled in, your plaid will resemble this one.

For my card above, I cut a square out of the plaid to the size required and sponged the edges with the paler shade of ink.

There are a stack of variations of plaid possible with these stamps and I hope to show you more in these posts, as well as a few other types of background stamps, I do hope folks find these useful!

hope it tickles!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

...saturday morning sketch fun! WMSC2

Hello and welcome to the second WMS Sketch Challenge! I am hoping these wee challenges will help me set aside time for a more regular crafting schedule, things are super busy at WMS and i feel like i don't get a chance to make much lately!! so this is a great excuse to get the gear out!

Here's my card for today! To see all the deets, pop on over to our brand new Waltzingmouse Stamps Sketch challenge blog HERE!

I was amazed at how many fabulous entries we got last week! Come on! Join the fun!!

I cheat shamelessly and move things around on a sketch challenge, to suit my mood at the time! I had a lovely elegant card in mind when I drew the sketch but then I just felt the old pic-nic patterns calling my name the other day as I was making and ended up with this, it's a bit of fun, not my usual thing, but my girlies liked it!!

The stamped background is a plaid made with the thinner plaid-maker stamp from Pic-Nic Patterns, just like yesterdays card! I cut two shapes with the Spellbinders labels 10 die, stamped one with flowers and one with a frame. Cut out the centre of the framed die cut and layered it over the flower panel! Instant framed piccie!

Stamps are from Pic-nic Patterns and Vintage Labels 10, Bee is from Spring Baskets, Sentiment from Say It with style

Hope it tickles!!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

...Mon Amie

Been absolutely ITCHING to make some plaid backgrounds!!! Had a mo last night! I used Barn Door and that Honey colour, the name escapes me, see pic, both Distress Inks...Yumliness! Stamped away for ages making plaids....ahhh.

I used the narrower plaid-maker stamp from pic-nic-patterns to make the plaid. Can't wait to do some with the wider one! You can see how it is laid out here:

I made the tree very simply as follows:

I punched a 1.5 inch circle from a bit of spare cardstock and sponged some green circles onto my card making sure they would roughly correspond to my branches! To make my tree trunk I used the branch stamp from Asian Gardens - Love it when I can get plenty of mileage from one stamp!

I stamped the tree truck and cut out the tree with a long rectangle nestability die (Spellbinders TM). I left the piece in the die and did some sponging with warm colours to match my plaid. I was thinking hot summer afternoon, DH wanted to know why the tree was on fire...

I went back and sponged some smaller green circles over the larger ones just to add a little depth. Think tese were 0.5 inch.

Used a plaid maker stamp from pic-nic-patterns to make grass, curved it a little to make a wee hill, just cos I can (Love that about clear stamps! LOL)

Then I stamped the Tag with a fabby sentiment from Fancy Phrases. I thought the tag looked a little 'baldy' and so I restamped a portion of the tre over it and added some sponging to make it match the tree panel. Very much like how that looked!

Tip - the stamp "Mon Amie" would be most appropriate for a card for a female, if your recipient is a guy, simply don't ink up the 'e' and your sentiment will read "Mon Ami" which is the correct address for a male! Simple!

Hope it tickles!!

PS don't forget the new Challenge blog is now open HERE! New one up on Saturday but you do not want to miss out on the fabulous inspiration from this weeks entries!! I am absolutely washed away with new ideas i got from surfing all the entries last night!!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

...Say hello to Fancy Phrases

ED - the textured paper used in the last couple of cards is a cream texture I got from papermillshop, it's a UK store but I believe the term for this style of paper is 'hammered" no don't laugh, lol, Here is a link.

ED - The tag set that co-ordinates with these stamps is called Fancy Tags and for you US folks it is available Here. For folks who maybe can't get their hands on a set so easily, I am hoping to have a small quantity of these tag sets for sale in the store on Saturday. Just to spill the beans properly I was hoping to start carrying a limited stock of Spellbinders dies to match my stampsets but they are so popular that my suppliers are out of stock! lol, hopefully soon!

Good morning and welcome to the second day of samples for the May release. WOW, didn't the DT ladies blow us away yesterday! I wonder what they have up their sleeves for today!! Pop over to see: Julia, Belinda, Anya, Laurie, Jennifer, Lynn and Bonnie.

Just in case you're new here I'll be releasing 8 new photopolymer stamp sets on May1st!! AND there will be a shipping promotion going on, orders over £50 sterling will ship for free as part of out first birthday celebrations!!

Do pop back later today for details of the BIGGIE contest...get your thinking caps on and set aside some crafting's gonna be a challenge!

Today I'm previewing a little stamp set that is perfect on it's own but, by happy coincidence (wink, you know it's not a coincidence right?? LOL), fits perfectly with the Spellbinders die set Fancy Tags. This set is called Fancy Phrases.

My first card is what I'm fondly calling my Opera card, yep I can just see me giving this to Ms Becky Oehlers after one of her fantastic performances!! lol! I LOVE that wee sentiment and it's going to be suitable in so many occasions!

Now, see that wee burgundy colored frame stamped around the Bravo? that's one of the 5 separate frames included in this set. It was designed for the larger rectangle die but there are frames also for the oval and small rectangular tag dies.

There are 27 sentiments in Fancy Phrases in a couple of different styles to cover a multitude of everyday situations. Added to that are 3 decorative motifs giving a total of 35 separate stamps, yep this is one jam packed set!!

I used Versacolour Burgundy ink, the coverage is really excellent for detail stamps.

I have 4 cards in today's post and I feel like I am just scratching the surface of all of the potentially fabulous things you could do with this set.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is to make tags, easy, the sentiments fit beautifully into the tag they were designed for, but what if you want to do something a little different? Try using the tag dies as an aperture cutter, I think they make beautifully shaped windows! and now I have some fabby sentiments to stamp in those windows!! The next couple of cards will show you what I mean. Simple and yet just a little different.

The little flourish accent comes from another new May set, Vintage Labels 10, more on that in a later post!!

I love this Hurrah! card, I could get loads of mileage out of this for baby cards, wedding congratulations, any sort of achievement celebrations. The old fashioned font is just tongue-in-cheek enough to be used in any situation!

OOh and if you're gonna try one of these wee aperture cards, don't throw out the wee negative bits that fall out of your die after you cut the aperture, pop them in their place on the card to accentuate the design, see below!!

In today's final card I stamped the sentiment "Happy Foreverness" onto a tag shape and sponged a little ink, gorgeous Distress velvet ink! yum! I then stamped 3 panels onto the card base using another of the frames from Fancy Phrases and some Memento Rich cocoa ink. I colored the panels in by making a mask, see the following photos for directions, it is super simple with this frame shape. I added a dotty oval frame (also from Fancy Phrases) and some bling before mounting the tag front and centre. I think it makes a decent wedding/anniversary card!

I love the slightly 30's styling on this font combined with the decorative panel, makes me think of the Orient Express...not that I've ever actually even seen it! LOL.

Hope they tickle!!